A Hire Purchase is a finance agreement under which the financier purchases the equipment of vehicle on your request and then hires the equipment to you for a periodical hire payment. The hire payments are credited towards the value of the equipment or car. Once the last payment is made and the hire purchase agreement is fulfilled, the title of the equipment is transferred to you and you become the owner of the equipment or vehicle.


  • You decided on the vehicle or equipment you wish to purchase.
  • You negotiate the cost of the equipment.
  • You select the term of the loan contract – between 1 and 5 years – and the frequency of the loan payments.
  • Your instruct the lender to purchase the equipment or car.
  • The Financier then registers the equipment or car and you take delivery under the Hire Purchase Contract.
  • At the completion of the contract, ownership is transferred to you.


  • 100% finance can be provided.
  • Repayment schedules are flexible and can be structured to suite your needs.
  • A Deposit can be paid and only the balance of the value of the equipment financed.
  • A Balloon payment at the end of the contract can be incorporated into the agreement.
  • A Hire Purchase may provide tax benefits if the financed goods produce taxable income.
  • The term of the Hire Purchase is flexible – maximum term 60 months.
  • Interest Rates are fixed for the entire term of the loan.


  • You can obtain the goods for a minimal capital outlay.
  • You can structure repayments to suit your business cash-flow.
  • You can pay lower installments during the term of the contract with a balloon payment at the end.
  • Payments may be made either in advance.


GST can be claimed on your BAS Statements on month to month basis. Paid GST on the purchase price cannot be claimed in total at the beginning of the agreement.


With a Hire Purchase, you are able to claim deductions against depreciation of the value of the vehicle or equipment. In addition, interest and loan charges are also considered tax deductible expense as well as running expenses of the vehicle.


All fees and charges of Chattel Mortgage Loans are known and listed in advance.


Hire Purchase Finance offers flexible repayment options including monthly, quarterly, semi annually and seasonal.