The use of automated equipment and Farming Machinery has increased significantly in Agriculture and Farming Industry over the past years. This growth continues in response to demands for increasing profits and reducing costs. Modernising farming means that farming equipment and machinery must be updated and upgraded to meet production demands and quotas. It is a well known fact that farming machinery is not a small investment and, therefore, farming business operators are faced with the dilemma of searching for and securing the most suited finance solution to fund the purchase of lease of new farming equipment.

At PEF Commercial Finance Brokers we understand the importance of securing the best possible finance solution for farmers. We have helped many farming business operators get Business Loans for the purpose of buying or leasing Farming Machinery. We have established dealings with primary lenders and financiers who understand the nature of farming business and we work through an array of choices to identify and secure the best finance solution suited for each farming business circumstances.

In all circumstances, our focus is to present finance solutions that benefit your cash flow and, generally, reduce taxation commitments. With this combinations of deploying modern farming technology, obtaining the best finance and funding solutions and reducing taxation expenditure, farming business operators can achieve better business growth rates and higher business worth and net profits. Often, clients opt for the following finance options when seeking to fund Farming Business Asset purchases:

  • CHATTEL MORTGAGE – FARMING MACHINERY LOANS: The lender provides a loan secured by the purchased farming equipment asset. You own the equipment from the time of delivery. Interest paid on finance and depreciation of equipment as generally tax deductible.. Find more about Chattel Mortgage.
  • FARMING MACHINERY FINANCE LEASE: With a finance lease, the financier purchases the required farming machinery and rents it to you for an agreed term – lease term. The financier owns the equipment but you have an option to purchase the equipment at the end of the agreed term. A calculated residual value is paid to the financier who then transfers ownership of the equipment to you.. Find more about Farming Equipment and Machinery Finance Lease.


The majority of farming machinery and equipment can be financed. While we can arrange finance deals on any farming equipment, the majority of farming business operators seek finance on the following equipment :

  • Backhoe Loaders.
  • Combine Harvesters.
  • Graders.
  • GPS Systems.
  • Skid Steer Loaders.
  • Tractors.
  • Trucks, Utes and other vehicles.
  • Trailers.
  • Earth Movers.
  • Plows.
  • Sprayers and Crop Dusting Aircrafts.
  • All other Farming Machinery.