A Chattel Mortgage is a loan agreement whereby the financier advances you a loan for the purpose of purchasing a car or any other type of vehicle, business equipment or other goods. Under a Chattel Mortgage Loan Agreement, the customer takes ownership of the purchased equipment at the time of delivery. The financier is then able to take a ‘mortgage’ over the equipment to secure the loan and registering their interest in the equipment for the entire duration of the agreement by registering a charge over the goods. Once the loan contract is completed, the financier’s security interest is removed and the customer can enjoy a clear title over the car or business equipment.


  • You decided on the vehicle or equipment you wish to purchase.
  • You negotiate the cost of the equipment.
  • You select the term of the loan contract – between 1 and 5 years – and the frequency of the loan payments.
  • Once approved, you can take delivery of the equipment as the ‘Owner’.
  • At the same time, the Financier registers the mortgage over the goods as security.
  • At the completion of the contract, the security mortgage registration is lifted and you hold a clear title over the equipment.


  • You hold the title to the goods.
  • 100% finance can be provided.
  • Repayment schedules are flexible and can be structured to suite your needs.
  • Balloon payments at the end of the term can be arranged.
  • A Chattel Mortgage may provide tax benefits if the financed goods produce taxable income.
  • The term of the Chattel Mortgage is flexible – maximum term 60 months.
  • Interest Rates are fixed for the entire term of the loan.


  • You are owner the goods immediately on delivery.
  • You can obtain the goods for a minimal capital outlay.
  • You can match repayments to cash-flows.
  • You can pay lower instalments during the term of the contract with a balloon payment at the end.
  • Repayments may be made in advance.


Whether you are on a “cash” or “accrual” method for GST, with a Chattel Mortgage you can claim the full amount of GST on your BAS Statement. You can then use the GST refund to reduce your monthly instalments.


All fees and charges of Chattel Mortgage Loans are known and listed in advance. Fees and charges include:

  • Establishment fees are payable with no applicable GST.
  • An ASIC fee is applicable for companies (varies between states).
  • Stamp duty is payable on amount financed.
  • State government charges apply.


Chattel Mortgage Loans offers flexible repayment options including monthly, quarterly, semi annually and seasonal.