A car is said to be the most important business asset. Businesses across Australia rely heavily on the use of cars because, not only they provide a mean of transport, but also contribute to building business assets that offers financial benefits and cost reductions. The majority of Business Finance Applications in Melbourne are car related. Car Finance – or – Car Loans offer the benefit of retaining your cash for use on other business profit generating activities while you get the full use of your vehicle where the loan interest, repayments and running costs can potentially be tax deductible.


The process of getting business car finance is simple and straight forward. We process car loan applications in a speedy manner so that you can get your car loan approval almost immediately. To get a car loan:

  • Identify the car you wish to purchase or lease.
  • Negotiate the price of the car as if you are paying cash – The better the price, the lower the loan.
  • Contact us to discuss your finance options. We will explain all available options – explained below – and obtain your primary financials.
  • We find the best car finance deal suited for your and your business circumstances.
  • We organise the application including the required documentation and get the approval.
  • We organise the sign-up and settlement and you can enjoy the use of the car immediately.


Depending on the type of finance or business loan you opt for, your car finance repayments, interest paid and running expenses can potentially be tax deductible. In certain finance and loan structures, your GST payments can also be claimed. GST can potentially be claimed either at the time of purchase, being a lump sum on the price of purchase, or, by claiming GST amounts relevant to each instalment payment made depending on the type of finance.


In most cases, we are able to deliver your loan approval within one day. We will, of course, communicate with you throughout the entire process to sum up the best options and explain the choices available to you. Once approval is obtained, it is a matter of fulfilling documentation and sign-up procedures which, too, can be completed in a very fast manner.


There are a number of finance option for business operators looking to get a loan or a lease on a car. The most common options are:

  • CHATTEL MORTGAGE – (Car Loan): This is the most common type of Business Car Loans. A Car Loan Finance can be provided for the purpose of buying a business car where you would be the registered owner of the vehicle on delivery of the car. The financier essentially lends you the funds to purchase the car and then registers a mortgage over the car as security. Once the loan amount is fully paid out, the lender’s interest is removed and you enjoy a clear title over the car.. Find more about Chattel Mortgage Business Equipment Finance.
  • LEASE FINANCE: Leasing is another popular form of Business Finance. The financier purchases and owns the car lends you use of it for a fixed term during which you will be required to make periodical lease payments. At the end of the finance lease term, you will have the option to buy the car for a calculated residual value.. Find more about Car Lease Finance.
  • HIRE PURCHASE: To simplify Hire Purchase – your finance is based on the lender purchasing the car and then hiring it to you over and agreed term at the end of which you take complete ownership of the car. You can finance the entire purchase price of the car, or opt for contributing an initial deposit payment. A balloon payment can also be included in the finance agreement. Having that option to take full ownership of the car at the conclusion of the finance agreement means that your payments contribute to building equity in the asset.. Find more about Hire Purchase.


At PEF Commercial Finance, we have established relationships and dealing with most Financial Institutions and Financiers. This includes all major banks including Commonwealth Bank, National Bank, Westpac, ANZ and St. George Bank, Credit Unions and leading financiers like Esanda and ME Bank.

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