The right business equipment can accelerate the success of your business and help you reach your financial goals, that is why investing in the right business equipment is important. Making the right choice to finance your Business Equipment Purchase or Lease is equally important. The right finance option on the right business equipment or business car means you gain the benefit of both worlds, effective operational equipment and financial benefits and savings including potential income and company tax deductions.

As the leading business finance brokers in Melbourne, we understand the importance and, often, the urgency, in getting your equipment and machinery delivered, installed and operated as quickly and conveniently as possible. Therefore, we are always ready to present and explain the various available options for financing business equipment and business cars, find the best finance deal and proceed with the option best suited for your business circumstances. We deliver your business loan approval as quickly as possible, often, within hours.

There are a number of options available to business operators through which they are able to obtain finance for purchasing or leasing business equipment including:

  • CHATTEL MORTGAGE – BUSINESS EQUIPMENT LOANS: The lender provides a loan secured by the purchased asset. You own the asset from the time of delivery. Interest paid on finance and depreciation of equipment as generally tax deductible.. Find more about Chattel Mortgage.
  • FINANCE LEASE: With a finance lease, the financier purchases the equipment or car and rents it to you for an agreed term – lease term. The financier owns the equipment but you have an option to purchase the equipment at the end of the agreed term. A calculated residual value is paid to the financier who then transfers ownership of the equipment to you.. Find more about Equipment and Car Lease Finance.
  • COMMERCIAL HIRE PURCHASE: The financier purchases the equipment at your request and you then buy the equipment or car from the financier by way of instalments. The equipment will be owned by the lender until such time when the final payment is made at which time the financier transfers ownership of the equipment to you. Generally, the loan interest and depreciation of the equipment are tax deductible.. Find more about Hire Purchase.


PEF Commercial Finance Brokers have knowledge and experience in obtaining finance for clients from a wide range of business fields. We have helped many clients finance the purchase of or lease of various equipment including:

  • Cars, Vans and Trucks for all types of businesses who rely on the use of these types of vehicles.
  • Custom and Luxury Cars and other transport vehicles for Limousine and VIP transport operators.
  • Factory and Manufacturing Equipment and Machines.
  • Moulding and Casting Machinery.
  • Packaging Equipment.
  • Custom and Generic Printing Machines for commercial printers and sing makers.
  • Warehousing, Storage and Stock Management Machinery like forklifts, mezzanines and elevators.
  • Shop Fit-outs including display and security equipment.
  • Office Fit-outs including computers, security equipment and office furniture.
  • Food Outlets Fit-outs including cool-rooms and refrigeration equipment, freezers, kitchen, cooking and food preparation equipment like fryers, ovens and ventilation equipment and systems.
  • Food Manufacturing and Processing Equipment and Machines.
  • Construction and Building Equipment and Vehicles including trucks, excavation and earth moving equipment, cranes, movers, bulldozers and other construction equipment.
  • Mining Machinery.
  • Medical, Dental and Surgical Equipment and Medical Center Fit-outs.
  • Shipping and Sea Vessels including ships, boats, sea barges and shipping containers.
  • Aircrafts and Aviation Equipment including planes and air aviation equipment.


The first step towards obtaining Business and Commercial Equipment Finance is to enquire with us by phone or email. We will conduct work required to compile your finance application and return your approval as quickly as possible. Call us today on 03 9802 9070 to secure your Commercial Equipment or Business Car Finance Pre-Approval.