PEF Commercial Finance Brokers have been providing Financial Planning and Consulting for over 40 years. We deliver professional business finance brokering services to small, medium and large businesses. Our clients operate businesses in a wide range of industries operating from locations throughout Australia. Our experience in serving such a wide and diverse range of businesses means that we have the ability to arrange and deliver the best business loan deals to our clients, new and returning.

We deal with the largest and most reliable financiers, lenders, banks and credit providers. We understand and implement the process on a daily basis through which we have regular dealings with decision makers.

Our main focus is to provide hassle free business finance solutions to clients and secure approvals quickly and conveniently. We appreciate the importance of getting the deal secure for the client in a timely fashion.

James Hannah
Principal – PEF Commercial Finance


The first step we take is to understand and identify the client’s needs. We get to know our clients because our relationship and knowledge of their business financial circumstances will help us both secure future finance deals should the need arise. We work with the client to identify the best business finance solutions suited for their requirements and business circumstances. We then do the work to find and secure business loan and finance approvals as quickly as possible. We coordinate and organise the compiling and delivery of documents and other required materials and arrange the final sign-up immediately so that our clients can enjoy use of the business equipment or vehicle as soon as possible.


Our clients choose us because work to bring them the best possible Business Finance Deals quickly and without unnecessary complications. We are committed to a high level client service. As a client, expect the following from us:

  • We are always be accessible.
  • We provide professional advice and consultation.
  • We present the best business finance options suited for your business financial circumstances.
  • We conduct the entire application process from start to conclusion.
  • We always keep you updated as to the status of your application.
  • We act fast to get quick finance and loan approvals.
  • We arrange and coordinate the entire process including final sing-ups and settlements.

Theo Robotis
Finance Broker – PEF Commercial Finance