PEF Commercial Finance Chattel Mortgage Business Loans & Finance Brokers offer clients friendly, prompt and courteous service and aim at securing the best Business Finance offer that best suits your needs. A good Finance Broker is key to successful and convenient Business Asset Funding.

Melbourne business operators seeking funding engage us a their trusted mortgage and finance broker to find the best possible finance offers on equipment, vehicles, construction and farming machinery. We have served hundreds of small, medium and large businesses and secured the best finance deals regardless of the size of our client’s business or the Asset Purchase or Lease they sought to finance.

Our success is the result of offering our clients friendly service, determination to get the best finance offers and contracts as well as a well established and up to date knowledge of the business finance practices and credit providers. 

As your commercial finance broker, we provide personalised friendly service throughout the entire process from the initial consultation and application to settlement and finalisation.

Let us find the best business loan or finance deal that meets your requirements with a well established and a professional system aimed at making the process easy and free of stress. Talk to us today by calling 03 97692241 or completing the Inquiry Form on our website.

Expand your business assets and value through Chattel Mortgage Business Loans & Funding which offers you the advantage of owning business equipment or business vehicles out right once repayments are completed and security on the purchased equipment is lifted by the financier. Find more about the financial benefits a Chattel Mortgage can offer your business.

There are several options for purchase or lease funding of business equipment. Whether it is Office Equipment, Computer Systems, Security Systems, Machinery or Construction Equipment, we are able to find and arrange the type of business loan or finance funding that fits your business financial goals. Find more Business Equipment Finance.

Leasing Business Equipment is a practical way to enjoy the full use of your business equipment and vehicles while you make regular business equipment lease repayments with an option to fully own the equipment at the end of the lease term – often, with a Residual (or Balloon) payable at the end of the Lease Funding Term. Find more about Leasing Business Equipment.

Framing Equipment and Machinery can be costly and is considered to be a large investment for the majority of Farming Business operators. Therefore, getting the right farming business loan or equipment finance deal that offers a range of benefits, is crucial. Find how you can get funding for purchasing or leasing Farming Equipment.

Buying a Business Property like offices, a factory or a Commercial or Retail premises is, perhaps, the biggest business investment you make. The right Commercial Property Business Loan or funding can save you thousands of dollars and give you peace of mind for many years to come. Find more about the benefits of a Commercial Property Mortgage.

The majority of business cars in Australia are often acquired through small business loans and finance. There are several car finance & business funding options available to business operators. Therefore, it is important to take the right business finance or car loan to save you thousands of dollars in repayments and tax deductions. Find more about Business Car Finance Solutions.

Our Finance & Business Loan Brokers Are Here To Help

We make Business Loans & Finance easy, convenient and stress free with three simple steps...


Identify the equipment or assets for which you require a business finance or a loan. This may be deciding on the exact make and models of the equipment, assets, cars or other types of vehicles, the approximate purchase or lease prices, the source of the equipment being the supplier. An evaluation of the equipment prepared by a valuer may also help.


As your finance broker, we will obtain the purchase information from you and discuss the best approach to your business loan & finance application. We may ask you for preliminary summary of your financials depending on the goods and amounts to be financed. In most cases, existing clients do not need to provide financials as we keep them on our records.


We may be able to obtain an approval for larger amounts which may come in useful for FUNDING future purchases or leases or other business loan applications. Once approval is obtained, we will do the preparation work to compile all documentation and loan contracts for your approval and signature. We will take care of finalising the settlement and paying for the equipment or vehicles.



Please complete the ‘Contact Us’ Form here and one of our Business Finance Brokers will reply to you accordingly by the method you have advised. 

To speed up the process you may want to complete our ‘Application Form‘ which asks for more detail up front and therefore allows for quicker processing and approval. 

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